How We Met
You had me at hello....

Nauman and Nazia were both busy living life. Nazia was busy traveling, working and hanging out with friends in NY. While Nauman was busy camping, fixing his car and hanging out with family in Dallas.

Introduction to the infamous Natasha =)...Natasha being the sweetheart she is, kept in touch with these two, always checking up on them, seeing how they were. Knowing about #NSquared separately, Natasha thought that these two would be perfect for each other. She messaged Nazia and Nauman and before they knew it, they were in a group chat....

Slowly they started talking through messages and phone calls which became more frequent each day. Soon after Nauman came to see Nazia in NY and between eating delicious food, laughing and sight seeing--these two were feeling butterflies.

The two began to see each other every chance they got, facetime became a regular occurrence and phone calls lasted for hours.

Then one spring day after kayaking in Broken Bow....Nauman finally popped the question and just like that...he went from a "NO-MAN" to a "YES-MAN."

The two have been inseparable since they met!! It's so cliche to say, but so true...WHEN YOU KNOW YOU KNOW....and these two knew right away!!

The Wedding