Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon 8/6/17
Grand Canyon: SUNDAY AUGUST 6th (10am to 12am) Sunday at 10am we will leave for south rim of Grand Canyon for those interested. Please remember this is a desert and it will be HOT. Please pack accordingly (shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses). We will be making ONE rest stop. Please eat breakfast at hotel and use the restroom before boarding bus. This bus can fit 56 people. Attached is the list I have for members interested in Grand Canyon (if you are not on this list or you are and want to remove yourself, please let us know) Cost is $25/pp including food. Feel free to bring snacks/water to have along the road trip for yourself if you would like TRIP AGENDA:10am-3:30pm: Grand Canyon bus ride (sandwiches/drinks to be provided in bus)3:30pm-7pm: Grand Canyon7pm-12am: Ride back to Aliante (Sandwiches/drinks to be provided in bus)
Guest List

Grand Canyon List


1.Nauman Poonja: 2 2.Rahim Manjiyani: 2/1 3.Akber Jesani: 2/1 4.Nooruddin Jamani: 2/2 5.Jimmy Abdullah: 2/2 6.Rahim Surani: 2 7.Arif Panjwani: 2/2 8.Malik Hakani: 2 9.Rahim Virani: 2/2 10.Amy: 1 11.Natasha: 1 12.Shamim: 2 13.Norruddin Rowzani: 4 14.Raju Mandani: 3 15.Salima: 1 16.Suraiya Aunty: 1 17.Afreen Meghjani: 2/1 18.Hassan Ajani: 2 19.Zeenat Noorani: 1 20.Ahmed Abjani: 2/1 21.Hussain Rowzani: 3 22.Zeenat Ajani: 1 23.Zeenat Ajani (choti): 1/1 24.Nizam Ajani: 1 25.Badur Todai: 226. Karim Virani: 1

Total: 47 Adults

Kids > 2: 10 kids

kids < 2: 2 kids